Cooking class: Fresh hand-made pasta

Cooking class sardinia

We want to tell you who we are through our tradition, our history and through ourselves. We invite you in our kitchen to prepare together the typical pasta of Sardinia.
Located near Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, Sinnai is a small town where you can still see the typical Campidanese style houses, with their mud brick walls and wooden roofs, in its historic center.
One of these houses will be the stage where, under the supervision of the skilled hands of a local woman, we will prepare different types of traditional local and national pasta, with different colors and flavors: malloreddus (also known as Sardinian gnocchi), culurgiones (ravioli particularly closed), classic ravioli and tagliatelle. Later, we will cook our pasta and eat together, accompanying our meal with a delicious local wine.
Departure from Cagliari and, on request, from other locations.
For information and reservations, contact us immediately at info@unisola.it or with a call, a sms / WhatsApp message at +39 3406671868